The Next LOL


Ok, I know. It’s been eight months since I wrote a blog post. Seven months ago I could have sneaked back into blog world without anyone being the wiser. Five months ago I could have told a hilarious story and everything would be forgiven. Three months ago by sharing a dramatic life event would have given me some comment love. However it’s been a long eight months, most of you probably think I’m hiding on a random island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. I am totally out of practice, I’m not going to lie I spent the last few minutes deciding if “sneaked” or “snuck” was the correct usage in a sentence. Alright I have some explaining to do, will you believe me if I told you I’ve been busy?

  1. I got a new house!
  2. I moved in with a BOY, yes you read it right a BOY. Chef and I moved in with each other and I’ve never been prouder to announce that I am officially living in sin. Last time I moved in with a boy there was this pretense that we had to be engage first, but not here, nope. I was super nervous about moving in with Chef. I might’ve had a couple of Monica moments where she stammers “I HAVE TO LIVE WITH A BOY” I was scared that we wouldn’t enjoy living together. We have both been in our own space for years and because of his crazy work schedule we have never spent a lot of extended time together. Line up the questions: What if we move in together and we fight everyday? What if he’s a slob? What if he deletes me shows off of the DVR? What if he doesn’t do the dishes? Here’s what happened. He makes the bed! Hoorah! I always move his shoes and pick up his socks, he makes the most delicious dinners and I take pictures and post them on Instagram, DUH! He tells me I’m beautiful everyday even when I know I look like a trash can, and I keep the freezer chock a block stocked with ice cream to avoid World War III. He makes me so happy everyday so overall it’s not bad living with a boy, actually it’s great!
  3. Creating the next LOL takes some time. Do you ever wonder where LOL, TTYL, JK and SMH were born? Same girl. I don’t have answered but you are about to witness the creation of the next LOL. I need your help spreading the word please. TYS. What the heck is TYS, you ask? Well, just doing google it okay. Thank You Sit will come up and that’s a FAIL. TYS = Told You So. If you ever need a quick way to tell someone I was right and you’re wrong SUCK IT, TYS is your answer. If you just don’t have the time to type told you so TYS is your play. Text it, post it, announce it. 

Now, what’s new with you? Of course I’m back TYS! 😉

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