Breaking Up After Living Together


Welcome! Today we have a guest post from relationship expert Dr. Michelle Callahan, who will give some tips for dealing with a break up when the stakes are high – when you live with each other

How to Decide Who Stays and Who Goes After a Break Up

February, especially Valentine’s Day can be so hard on singles. Heck it is even hard on couples I mean the pressure on expenses from Cupid! So what about he people going from fairy tale to “it’s complicated” or “it’s over” without being forced to live together too!

According to a survey of 1,000 renters issued by, 38% of renters have ended a personal relationship with someone while still living together and 62% of those stayed for a month or much longer (up to a year!).


Other findings from the survey:

•Most renters, 56%, said that moving all of their stuff was the hardest to deal with in terms of the logistics.

•33% of renters said they stayed because they couldn’t find another apartment they could afford.

•32% of renters said that if they were to move in with someone again, they would save more money in case it didn’t work out.

Dr. Michelle Callahan, has created tips for recently singles on how to split the goods:

•Who lived there first?  The easiest way to say who should get the place is to decide based on who lived there first. First to come last to leave right? 

•Who can afford to move?  A recent study conducted by found that 33 percent of renters said they continued to live with their former partner after a break up because they couldn’t afford to move out.  After sharing rent and household expenses, it becomes extremely difficult for people to save enough money to find an apartment they can afford on their own, then to moving expenses and another security deposit.

•Who needs the space? Who needs the space more, who has children, pets, works from home? Who would it benefit more to stay.

•Who loves the space the most?  Sometimes one person becomes personally attached to the room. They may have invested a lot of time in decorating or selecting that apartment and as a result they feel more attached to the space.

•Who wants to separate sooner than later? The breakup might be more painful for one partner than the other. When a heartbreak it don’t break even. In that case, the person who finds it hardest to share the physical space with their ex may be more likely to voluntarily leave the apartment in the interest of their own well-being.


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